Сюжетно-ролевой урок: «What Will I Show to my Foreign Friend in Mordovo»

Категория: МО учителей иностранного языка
Создано 13 Февраль 2013

класс: 6
Тема: «The Future Simple»(Простое будущее время).
Учитель: Пелекшина Е.В.

Ход урока:
1. Организационный момент.
T: Good morning!
Clad to see you again. How are you?
( I hope you are well, kids)
How are your parents?
Will you go to dance club tomorrow?
When will you go to music school?
Thank you! Have a nice day!
Let ,s start our lesson. Today we ,ll speak about the Future Simple.
We ,ll do some exercises and listen to your projects.
But first let ,s do phonetic exercises.
2. Фонетическая зарядка.
T: Listen to the rhyme and try to understand it.
There is one new word for you.
Look at the blackboard! stay
Guess the meaning of these words to stay in doors to be at home.
to stay in
P. - оставаться
T: It is true.
Listen to me, please.
-Will you go for a walk, Jean?
No, it is rainy, I will stay in.
Will you stay in doors today?
No, it is sunny, I will go and play.
Do you understand it?
Now repeat after me some sounds and words.
Pay attention to your pronunciation.
[w] – will, walk.
[g] – go.
[t] – it, stay, today.
[d] – day, in doors, and.
[p] – play.
Now repeat after me the rhyme and pay attention to your pronunciation, please.
3. Речевая зарядка:
Answer my questions, please.
T:Is it raining now?
Will you go for a walk today?
Do you often stay in doors after school?
What will you do after school today?
4. Повторение грамматических правил. (Будущее простое время)
T: Let ,s play Mr. Help.
Ask questions about the Future Simple.
P. will be Mrs. Help.(Ученик в роли Mr. Help надевает шляпу.)
Come, here, please. Put this hat on.
Примерные вопросы учащихся:
1.) Как образуется Future Simple?
2.) Как образуется отрицательная форма в Future Simple?
3.) Как строится общий вопрос?
4.) Как строится специальный вопрос?

5.Формирование навыков перевода с русского на английский.
T: Let's translate some sentences from Russian into English using the future simple
В будущем году моему другу будет 12.
А тебе будет 13?
- Нет мне будет 12.
У кого будет день Рождения в нашем классе в январе?
- У Данила.
- Мы споём для него песню « Happy Birthday», не так ли?
- Да, споём.
T: Thank you!

6.Аудирование разговора Мистера Къюта с его боссом.
T: Now let's listen to your projects.
"What will I show to my foreign friend in Mordovo?"
- Стук в дверь.
- T: (Учитель открывает дверь).
- Mr. Cute: Good morning!
T: Morning!
Mr. Cute: Can you help me, please?
T: Yes, come in, please.
Mr. Cute: Hello?
T: Who are you?
Mr. Cute: I am Mr. Cute from London.
- ( Звонит телефон)
Mr. Cute: Sorry, Hello, boss!
I am not in Tambov.
I do not know where I am.
No, I am not a stupid agent, boss.
I ,ve lost my way.
Where am I, kids?
Children: You are in Mordovo.
Mr. Cute: They say I am in Mordovo.
Boys and girls, boss.
Yes, I am at school?
What school is it, kids?
Children: It is Oboroninskaya school.
Mr. Cute: It is Oboroninskaya school, boss. It is a nice school.
Pupils are kind and clever and they speak English.
But, boss. Ok. I will watch them, boss(тихо в сторону).
What is Mordovo?
T: We are just going to speak about it now.
But first listen to Katya poem "I love Mordovo".
I love Mordovo Люблю посёлок свой Мордово
my homeland свой родной
My church with spring Люблю в любое время
My rivers banks года:
It is winter and summer days. Зимой холодной, в летний зной,
In spring and autumn
That means always. И в дни осенней непогоды.

Mr. Cute: Thanks a lot!
(Mr. Cute подходит к карте)
Is it Mordovo ?
T: - Yes, it is.

7.Презентация проектов:
T: Kalinin Mikhail and Nosov Konstantin will give some information about Mordovo.
P: Look! Mordovo is a large and beautiful country.
It is in Tambov Region .
Mordovo is 95 kilometres from Tambov.
It has 53 streets.
The main street is Komunalnaya.
The river of Mordovo is the Bitug.
Mordovo will be 85 in 2013.
Mr. Cute: Your map is really good!

Схема презентации проектов ( с демонстрацией видов через компьютер. Содержание прилагается).
1) The church of the Archangel Michael.
T: Marina, your picture of our church is wonderful. Is it easy to paint it?
2) Monuments.
T: What are the names of Mordovo heroes of the Great Patriotic War?
3) Park.
T: Is our park far from your house, Daniel?
You have a lot of nice photos of our park, don't you?
4) Musical School.
T: Do you want to be a teacher of Music, Ksenya?
5) Library.
T: Do you go to the library every week?
6) The House of Children Creativity.
T: Is dancing a joy for you?
7) Oboroninskaya Secondary School.
P. We are going to sing the song about our school.
( Исполнение песни Шеиной Дарьей и Невежиной Анной).
Мy school in 10 years.
In ten years
What will my school be?
In ten years
What will it be?
Will it be private?
Will it be free?
Will it have a swimming pool?
Will it have a zoo?
In ten years
It'll be 90.
It'll have a park
It'll have a bar
It'll buy a nice gym with a swimming pool.
And my friends will say
It's really cool.

8. Аудирование разговора Мистера Кьюта с боссом.
Mr. Cute: (Звонок). Oh, it's me boss again.
Hello, boss! I'm Ok.
Mordovo is a nice place.
There is much to see in Mordovo.
I will take a lot of pictures of Mordovo
Fine.Shall I stay here for 3 days or so?
- What? Will you fly to Mordovo soon?
- Ok, boss.(Pause)
- Oh, my boss... my car is dirty. My boss doesn't like it.
Thank you, boys and girls.
See you later. (Mr. Cute уходит).

9. Подведение итогов.
T: Mr. Cute and his boss will stay in Mordovo, won't they?
Ch: Yes, they will.
T: Why?
Ch: They like it.
T: That's right.
I want to thank you for your projects, they are really very interesting. Now we know much more about Mordovo. Answer my questions, please. Are you happy to live in Mordovo? Why? (Если учащиеся затрудняются ответить, задаю наводящие вопросы).
What do we have in Mordovo?
Ch: We have the church, memorial,...
T: You love Mordovo, don't you?
T: Why do you love Mordovo? (Если учащиеся затрудняются ответить, задаю следующие вопросы).
Is M. your home place?
Is it the place of your birth?
Do your parents live here?
Is your best friend from M.?

10.Заключительный этап.
1) Объяснение Д/З.
T: Open your diaries and put down your homework.
Write down 4,5 sentences to tell why you love Mordovo.
2) Комментирование оценок.
3) T: Good – bye! Thank you for your work.

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